Tractors & Tiaras
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Tractors & Tiaras

Tractors & Tiaras

When my friend Sara told me she needed photos for her new business venture “Tractors & Tiaras” I jumped at the chance.. tractors, tiaras, toddlers, a gorgeous orchard, what’s not to love!  When she first asked I was a bit skeptical that we’d actually be able to find a tractor to use, but thanks to a family friend we not only found a tractor, but a another old friend who volunteered to drive the tractor to the exact spot in the orchard that I wanted.   Sometimes the pieces just all fall together. I love it when that happens!   Without further ado, Jasper, Lola and Tractors & Tiaras!

Have you ever seen anything cuter than Lola in those cowboy boots? I didn’t think so!

Thanks to Jeff, Sara, Mando, Graceann, Jairo and everyone who made this happen..

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