Summer in Rockland County
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Summer in Rockland County

Summer in Rockland County

photographer in Bergen County NJ

Summer session are my favorite.  Yes, we may have to keep the kid up a bit late to get the yummiest light, but it’s all so worth it! We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area with tons of great places to shoot. But with the right light and the right moment, even the most mundane places are backdrop enough for a stunning portrait…

I took this picture of Jasper on a hot, sticky day  after work/daycare just hanging out in the yard.  I love the way the evening light is just barely kissing his flyaway curls almost as much as I love his funny little face (not quite a smile – more like a smirk.) Just one of those expressions that is pure, vintage Jasper that makes my heart sing when I see it.

These are the types of moments (memories) that I love to capture for my clients as well..

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