A Boy and His Bear
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A Boy and His Bear

A Boy and His Bear

kid's photographer rockland county NY

You love your Bear, and because I love you,  I love Bear too.  Because the way you love Bear shows me a sweet tender side of you that I wouldn’t otherwise see. The one that shows bear the moon when you see it (Look Bear, the moon!) or tells him about your day (I sat on the firetruck at daycare Bear!) and makes sure that he is under the covers with you at night.

I know too that someday, when you are all grown,  Bear will remind me of these precious days when you aren’t afraid, ashamed or “too old” to love a stuffed animal unconditionally and fiercely without holding anything back.  Bear will remind me of when mommy, daddy and a Bear were the center of your universe and maybe I’ll close my eyes and be able to picture you exactly as you are now and remember the way your little hand felt in my hand, or the way your loose curls feel nuzzled into my neck when you hug me.  I love you, and I love your Bear, and I will always be happy to include him in your pictures as long as you want me too..which I hope is a very, very long time.

  • Brad
    Posted at 00:05h, 17 October

    What a beautiful image you captured of your son, and an even more beautiful story. My wife and I have a son and daughter. Our son used to hold up his lamb to look out the car window when he would see something fascinating. He wanted to make sure that Lamb (as he appropriately named him) could share in the moment, too. It’s a really sweet period of time that goes by way too fast. Now our son is 9 and getting closer to 10. He doesn’t take Lamb around any longer. Now it’s BB guns, and video games, and riding bikes or playing outdoor games. These are special times in their own rights also, but I miss the little boy who carried Lamb around everywhere he went. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Amanda
    Posted at 11:15h, 03 November

    Awww…this is such a tear jerker! My son carries a “wubbie” and is about the same age as your son. What a great reminder to capture what is special to them at this time in their life. I am inspired to go out and do a “wubbie shoot” now. As a side note, you are a fantastic photographer!

  • Tamara
    Posted at 10:07h, 08 December

    This brought tears to my eyes. It took me to a place 20 years from now. Ariana, your photography is absolutely amazing. You are an artist. I enjoyed the visit.

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