What to Wear: Fall 2011
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What to Wear: Fall 2011

What to Wear: Fall 2011

Wardrobe choice can make or break the results from a session which is why I go out of the way to address them in my contract!  Those of you who have had a session with me, or have one coming up know that I make this suggestions for outfits: Coordinate but don’t match!

Of course, having visual examples is much more useful than a short sentence, so I’m posting a couple of ideas here:

So the importance isn’t so much WHAT palette you choose, so long as everything looks harmonious together. Some other tips:

1) Avoid logos and writing. My rule of thumb is will you want this hanging on your wall 25 years from now?  The goal is classic so we want to avoid anything that is distracting to the viewer’s eye.

1) Accessorize! Particularly for the younger subjects, a fun or funky hat can add some lovely variety to the images.

2) Dont forget the feet! Nothing is sadder than beautifully pulled together outfits ruined by shoes that don’t match and stick out like a sore thumb.  Take advantage of all the cute hightops, furry boots and leather boots available during the colder months and make a statement not a mistatement with your footwear!

3) Don’t be afraid of pattern! Stripes, patterns and other bold prints give a great pop to images.

4) Treat everyone fairly: When considering the outfit choices as a whole, makes sure that no one person’s outfit stands out much more than the rest.. for example, if three family members are wearing grey and one is in bright yellow and purple stripes that will certainly create an imbalance.  Now, take a couple different shades of gray and add in an accent color like eggplant and now we have a great pallete. Or, match the intensity of the yellow stripes with other outfits in bold color choices or patterns!

Now go forth and shop (as if you really needed an excuse!) and don’t forget that I am more than happy to consult with you on wardrobe leading up to our session. Clothing choices can make the difference between a haphazard looking snapshot and a classic, timeless portrait so it’s worth the extra time and thought to make sure the end result is something you will enjoy for years to come!

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