Carter Mathew

January 17, 2012

Carter kicked off my newborn-a-palooza. THREE newborns in one week, a record!

As soon as his parents took him out of the car-seat I was just amazed at his coloring – just  a wee fuzz of orange hair, so sweet and cute! Carter’s daddy is a firefighter, so we had some fun incorporating that into the images.







The studio was hot (as it always has to be for newborns!) so I had to do a fair bit of convincing to get Dad to put on his jacket, but I’m so glad I did.  Someday Carter will treasure this photo of he and his dad!


K family, it was wonderful meeting you – thank you for allowing me to capture these  portraits of this special time in your lives!

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  1. Regina says:

    The last photo is very nice, and very different to the other parent’s and bub pic. I bet this will be special for both of them :)

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