Letter to My Jasper, May 2013
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Letter to My Jasper, May 2013

Letter to My Jasper, May 2013

Dearest Jasper,

I have joined in a “Letters to our sons” blog circle where I will write you a letter each month just like I used to when you were a baby. Because even though you are a big boy now, you are every bit as precious and special to me as you were then – I should have never stopped writing to you.  This month it is a special “Mother’s Day” edition, which is so appropriate because you made this a very special mother’s day for me!

You were SO excited to share the beautiful art projects you made with me, and even more excited when you and Daddy gave me my cards and gifts on Sunday!  All day long you told me how much you loved me and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day:


But the truth is, you make me feel like EVERY day is mother’s day, the way you tell me how much you love me multiple time a day, or tell me that I am the most beautiful person in the whole world!


Just those words would be enough to convince me that you are the sweetest boy alive, but then you go and do something even sweeter. Like when your friends come over and you insist that they take home some of your pirate’s treasure with them as a gift – your generous heart makes me prouder than anything.


But what warms my heart the most is the love you have for your sisters – you tell me that it makes you sad how much you love them,  almost as though your little heart can’t contain the love you feel for them.



They are the luckiest little girls the world has ever known to have a brother like you – and I feel the same way. Thank you for making me a mother. Thank you for choosing me to be YOUR mother -the most important, rewarding privilege that I will ever have in life.  Watching you grow up into a big brother and a big boy makes my heart burst with pride!


Your mommy.

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  • Diane
    Posted at 14:49h, 15 May

    Beautiful images and heartwarming letter. He will be so lucky to read it in the future.

  • Candice
    Posted at 15:11h, 15 May

    Such a sweet letter! He sounds like such a sweetheart <3

  • Erin
    Posted at 01:28h, 17 May

    What a gorgeous letter! He seems like such a wonderful boy! Love the dandelion images:)

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