Lulu – Seven Months
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Lulu – Seven Months

Lulu – Seven Months

I get calls all the time from parents that their baby is 1 month old and they are looking for newborn photos ASAP.  The bad news is that it’s almost impossible to achieve the curly sleepy newborn poses after 14 days.  But the good news is that if you’ve missed that 2 week window after birth, there is still an amazing time to capture images – in fact my most favorite time which is when baby first starts to sit!  At this age (typically 7 months or so), baby is full of expression and curious and eager to make eye contact -but best of all,  new sitters can’t yet crawl or walk away, so it’s truly a “golden” age from a photography viewpoint!

If you missed the chance to have professional newborn photos taken of your little one, I strongly encourage you to call to schedule a “sitter” session – you won’t be sorry because look at the cuteness!









Photography gold I tell you!

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