Happy 4th Birthday Sasha & Willow
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Happy 4th Birthday Sasha & Willow

Happy 4th Birthday Sasha & Willow

Dear Sasha & Willow,

I am writing this the day before your birthday on your very last day being three, and my very last day of ever being a mommy to three year olds.  I must admit it makes me a little weepy even though having two “threenagers” isn’t always easy!


Your toddlerhood is coming to an end and you are standing in this magical world in-between baby and child.   There are still vestiges of incorrectly conjugated verbs, like when Willow you insist “Mom, I already GOED PEE!” or “Mommy I WINNED!” And misunderstood or mispronounced words like “the cation” for vacation, or “home and tell” room instead of hotel room.  Or when Willow you thought your new favorite ice cream flavor was called “cookie toast” and not cookie dough.   But mostly it’s a time of these things coming to an end, when “sparkly” water has been replaced by it’s more boring if more correct moniker.  And how I catch my breath and feel a little stab in my heart when it happens, when I realize you have grown out of something and it’s never to return.

But when I think of you at three what I always want to remember is how your play is full of fairies and unicorns, pixies and mermaids and all of the other mythical creatures I now realize I never stopped loving myself.  Because you are twins, sisters, best friends and constant companions you always have someone to frolic with in these imaginary worlds and I wonder if/when you will realize how incredibly lucky you are to have each other!


Your bond is so beautiful, so complete that you can’t even be in different parts of the house without calling or asking for the other.  Of course that also means that bedtime is like a sleepover party that never ends… every night I try to get you to sleep in your own beds but every morning when I come to your room you are both in Sasha’s little twin bed.  Willow when I try to get you to go to your own bed because you are fighting over covers, or who gets the unicorn or because Sasha is sleeping on your hair Sasha cries in protest “But mom, then my bed will be so LONELY!!!”  How can I not give in to that?

While together you are such a unit, such a team I am in constant amazement of how completely different you are from each other.  It hardly seems possible that two siblings could be more opposite, let alone ones that shared the same womb and yet you are as different as different could be.


Willow Rose you are my little fairy child, you live in your own world half the time completely oblivious to the chaos happening around you!  More of an observer like me, you often keep me company by cuddling while we watch your Dad, Jasper and Sasha roughhouse. Though this year I have seen you come out of your shell a bit and be more likely to pile on whatever craziness the rest of our clan is causing.

You can be so shy and sometimes timid, that it amazes me how fearless you are with animals – big, small, it doesn’t matter and I’m convinced you are communing with them in ways only a fairy child can!  You have also become quite a determined and talented little artist.   But nothing made me prouder than the way you returned to ballet class this year after breaking your leg there.  Not only that but you jumped into the class that is not mommy and me and even got on stage and did the recital in front of hundreds of other people!


There is just something so incredibly little, sweet and scrumptious about you no one can keep from hugging and kissing you, least of all your sister who grabs and squeezes you and says “you are so CUUUUUTE!!!” constantly. There is nothing in this world like a cuddle from you, you are completely irresistible!


Sasha Star you are my well, star in every sense of the word.  You keep us all on our toes, my passionate spirited little soul.  You feel every emotion so intensely, weather it’s giving never-ending hugs and kisses, an embrace that knocks your sister over or your displeasure if you don’t get everything exactly the way you want it when you want it!  You are such a social being to your core – you want to make friends with everyone and have no fear in starting conversation with complete strangers. Adults, kids, you don’t care, you want to connect with people all the time!  It’s part of what makes you so incredibly precocious. You just understand people and their feelings and needs in a way that some adults don’t.  It also means that you are incredibly compassionate, I’ll never forget how you cried when Jasper hurt his forehead and needed stitches – I remind him of that often when you two are fighting! And you take such wonderful care of your sister.. always willing to help her, watch out for her, comfort her if she’s upset which is funny because she is the older one, though you only recently stopped throwing a temper tantrum anytime we reminded you that you were not in fact her”big sister.”


You have such a desire to dressup and perform which I’ve lately taken great advantage of lately during our photoshoots. I can actually tell you how to pose and you will follow my directions to a T.  (I have waited for that for a long time!)  The brightness and spark you bring to everything you do is so electric at even at such a young age and I can’t wait to see what ways you make your mark on the world!


Having you both in our family has been the most amazing blessing.  Yes it’s double the work and double the trouble, but it’s also double the love and double the joy.  I love you so much more than you’ll ever know.



  • Eunice Goldberg
    Posted at 17:58h, 01 October

    How wonderful to have two so beautiful girls to love. Wish l could see you every day. Let’s make a date too skype soon. Love. Hugs. And kisses. Ggmom uuuui

  • Jessica Monte
    Posted at 08:18h, 01 February

    Your work is just beautiful.

  • Ariana Falerni
    Posted at 11:25h, 07 March

    Thank you so much!

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