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The Couch Display Template is the most versatile of all three templates.  With a click of a mouse you can choose from one of these three room settings:
wall display templates *New in version II* – MORE groupings! 13 canvas and 9 framed groups, plus the chameleon couch that allows you to change the couch, wall AND floor colors to match the images, the clients’ home or even your branding.

Like all of the display templates, the couch vignette uses clipping masks to make adding, resizing and rearranging your images in the frames a breeze!

Some possible uses for the couch display template:

  • Create a visually stunning framed or canvas grouping to add to the end of your client galleries to encourage large size print sales
  • Create a page on your website about canvas displays using your own images as an example for your clients
  • Create a page on your website or blog showing the difference in impact between an 8×10 and a 30×40 in a REAL ROOM!
  • Use to prepare for or during in person client ordering sessions to nail down the perfect scale and arrangement of an image grouping or even a single image
  • Show the difference in terms of ratio and cropping that an 8×10 vs an 11×14 has on the same image.
  • Use before ordering prints and canvases to help decide on exact arrangement and crops for your piece of mind and/or to show client for approval.

Read about more of the product features or watch a behind the scenes tour of the templates here!

There is a really popular blog post being circulated out there that shows a real image of an 8×10 on a mantle vs a 20×30.  It’s a GREAT blog post precisely because it shows in a concrete way how important scale and size is in terms of the visual impact of an image.  Don’t you want to show your clients the same thing WITHOUT having to send them to another photographer’s website?

Using any of my Wall display Guides, it would take you 2 minutes to create a blog post that demonstrates the same effect but using YOUR images without the need for your clients to leave YOUR site!


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