Lightroom 3 Plugin
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Lightroom 3 Plugin

The very first second I first played with Lightroom 3 I KNEW it was going to offer awesome possibilities for making inserting images into templates super quick and easy. So easy that I promise you won’t know how you lived without it..   But seeing is believing, so I’ve prepared this little video teaser that will show you exactly what I’m talking about.  (As an added bonus, I used text overlays and no narration so you don’t even have to hear my annoying voice! – in fact, there’s no audio at all, so it’s totally work-place safe :)

Speed up your workflow and give yourself the ability to try endless combinations of images and groupings simply by dragging and dropping – so fast you and your client can build it together during your ordering sessions!

Or, if you do online ordering, this plugin will allow you to  build the  display examples to put in your client’s online gallery FASTER, which means you have time to do more displays!

For more information about what this plugin can and cannot do, please read the FAQs on this page.


*Please note that the Lightroom plugin ONLY WORKS in Lightroom 3 and requires the corresponding Photoshop Templates to work, i.e the LR plugin does not work as a stand alone product and does not work with the Photoshop Elements version. To purchase the accompanying Photoshop Templates, see the order page here:

LR3 Plugin for Sets I&II of the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides – $65: [EJUNKIE_ADD2CART item=”840379″] [EJUNKIE_VIEWCART] *Read the note above!!

LR3 Plugin for Set I – $35: [EJUNKIE_ADD2CART item=”851133″] [EJUNKIE_VIEWCART] *Read the note above!!

LR3 Plugin for Set II – $35: [EJUNKIE_ADD2CART item=”849921″] [EJUNKIE_VIEWCART] *Read the note above!!