Lightroom Plugin FAQs & Troubleshooting
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Lightroom Plugin FAQs & Troubleshooting


Q) Do these plugins work on their own?

A) No, you must have the corresponding Photoshop Template for the LR Plugin to this is NOT a stand alone “version.” That’s why it’s called a “plugin” :)

Q) Do these plugins work in LR2?

A) No, the print templates take advantage of new features in the print module that were only introduced with LR3. But if you are on the fence about upgrading, there are so many improvements in LR3 that I highly recommend upgrading!  It’s well worth the price of the upgrade for the noise reduction sliders ALONE! That and the addition of music in the slideshow module make this a very worthy upgrade. I promise you won’t regret it :)

Q) Do these plugins work with the Photoshop Elements versions of the templates?

A) No, not at this time.

Q) I have LR but I don’t use it that often, will I be able to use this plugin?

A) The plugin assumes a basic understanding of how LR works including importing images and organizing them into collections. If you are unfamiliar with these types of functions, you might not be a good candidate to use this plugin at this time. However, photographer to photographer, I highly suggest investing the time into learning LR, it will payback your efforts 100 fold by improving and speeding up your workflow!  Start by watching Julianne Kosts excellent series of tutorials on Adobe TV. I can say that until I watched Adobes LR tutorials I was VERY lost when I first started using LR!

Q) What does this plugin do that the Photoshop Templates alone don’t do?

A) Nothing! The photoshop templates are completely wonderful as they are, this plugin just adds a drag and drop functionality which speeds up the inserting of images.   For professional photographers that find themselves creating multiples displays for each client, these plugins will really speed up their workflow and be an invaluable time saver!  It is also beneficial for those who really want/need to be able to play around and compare image combinations – I’m that way, I need to see all the options and this plugin really facilitates that!


Q) The “get ready” action isn’t working for me, I’m getting an error!

A) If you get an error running the get ready action, you can just manually prepare the photoshop documents  for use with the LR3 templates by following these simple steps:

1) Select the layer group (the folder in the layer’s palette) called “canvas singles” and change the blending mode from “pass through” to “darken’.
2) Do the same for the layer folder called “canvas groups”.
3) Save your file somewhere other than where you normally keep your photoshop versions and remember where you put them! You will need to import them into LR from that location.

Q) The photo cells in the LR3 print templates aren’t lining up with the drop shadows in my photoshop documents!

A) Most likely you are using versions of the Photoshop template that are older than November 12th, 2010. Please use the contact form above or email me at ariana@arianafalerni dot com and I will email you the links to download the updated versions.