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Wall Display Guides

wall display canvas frame guides photography

**JUST RELEASED – Lightroom 3 Plugin with drag and drop image insertion!
Click here for a video demonstration of this amazing time saving plugin..
..or here to order the Photoshop Templates.

Do you want to boost your sales of wall displays and large prints?
Do you wish your clients knew how small an 8×10 REALLY looks on a mantle or above a couch?
Have your clients asked you for guidance in creating wall displays for them but you were at a loss?
Do you want to spruce up your client galleries with amazing looking wall displays featuring THEIR images?
Do you want to mock up a few possible display ideas before and even during in person ordering sessions?
Do you want to post examples on your site or blog of various image groupings or just show the difference between various print sizes without having to have a sample of every size or having to send them to another photographer’s blog?

Then look no further because the Photographer’s Wall Display Templates are exactly what you need!

With the click of a mouse, you can begin creating wall displays in Photoshop featuring gorgeous designer interiors that show your work in the best possible light.  Seeing these wall displays on REAL interior photographs (not sketches like most other products!) take so much of the guesswork out of the equation.  Lets face it, we’re all visual people and no one knows better than a photographer that a picture is worth a thousand words…  Would you try to sell an image box or an album without a studio sample? Of course not!

Clients need to see a product before they can order it, and a large series of canvas is no exception. In fact, it’s often even more of an investment and it’s doubly important to show them exactly how gorgeous their images will look displayed in their living room, or dining room or hallway.

This slideshow is just a small sample of the dozens of different ways you can showcase your clients images using these templates :

I recently received a mailer with my last press order from  a pro lab pushing their holiday card templates. The piece featured a photographer saying that once he showed his clients the template designs with their images in them, his sales for cards increased from 20% to 80% of clients buying the cards!

If our clients have a hard time imagining their image in a small holiday card, imagine how much harder it is to conceptualize how their photos will look in a large wall display in their homes?  How can we expect them to know the difference that a grouping of say three 11x14s has vs three 24x36s unless we SHOW them?

And with the Photographer’s Wall Display Templates we make it easy for you to do so, which means you make it easy for your clients to say “Yes!” to large print and canvas sales.

There are six fabulous different rooms to choose from, Set I which contains a couch, a fireplace & a hall with side chair:

scenes from Set I

And Set II which includes a dining room, nursery and a master bedroom:

scenes from set II & bonus kitchen

Purchase Sets I& II together and you not only save on the price of each set, but you also get the bonus kitchen template shown above with Set II!

Because these templates use clipping masks, they are  incredibly easy to use and have multiple configuration options.  For example, each template comes with guides for single canvases from 8×10 all the way up to 30×40 (GREAT for showing your client the impact a large canvas can have vs a small gift print!) and for various elegant groupings to tell the story of your photoshoot.  But wait – there’s more..

Each room also comes with both framed and matted guides for singles AND a groupings!

And, as if that weren’t enough, several of the rooms come with more than one background image and several color change options!  With the exception of the nursery and fireplace template, all other templates have at least one background option that lets you change the wall and/or furniture color.   Change colors to match your clients images, your branding or just your mood -the possibilities are endless!

But there’s STILL more: every product download comes with valuable coupons including 50% off the price of a gallery wrapped canvas and more, together these discounts pay for the price of this product and then some.

Ok, so you just can’t wait to have it?? I thought so!   Click here to order now and take advantage of the special introductory pricing.

Still not convinced?  That’s ok, just keep looking around or email me at ariana@arianafalerni dot com if you have any questions about the product.  Click on the images above to learn more about what each template contains, or visit the product features page for a sneak peak video and to learn what other possible uses you can put these incredibly versatile templates to!

What Photographers Are Saying About this Product..

“I have had the Wall Display Guides for a little over a week and in just one session I sold 9 canvases!! Which selling one or 2 is normal without the guides, but having them made all the difference in the customer actually seeing what it would look like on a wall.  Being a photographer, it is easy for us to have a visual memory of what something will look like, but for most of our customers they don’t see it the same way.  Spending $50-150 on these guides will yield you your money back multiple times within the first viewing with your clients.   Being in photography for 8 years I can honestly count on one hand the few things that were worth their weight in gold and this is one of them..”
Aaron Thomas
Arc Studios, Dalton GA

Please click here to read more testimonials from photographers who have been kind enough to take the time to let me know how much this product has benefited their business!

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