Hi, I’m Ariana, I’m a child and family portrait photographer based in Rockland County New York.  A few other things about me..

I love to sing but hate to dance, mostly because I’m god awful at it.  Dancing, not singing I mean.

I believe in astrology.  Like really believe as in if I knew your date and time of birth I could tell you things about yourself that you wouldn’t believe!

I microwave my ice cream so it’s soft and when I’m done I usually lick the bowl.

I’m pretty shy and reserved by nature, but most people don’t think of me that way.

I overshare.

Like my son, I can only be convinced to take vitamins if they are in gummy-bear form.

I’m a serial obsessionist. I like to devour information, master and then move on.

Oh, you wanted to know more about the wall guides and not my personal quirks? Silly me…

I was inspired to create the Photographer’s Wall Display guides when my friend Sara commissioned me to shoot a series of images to adorn the walls of her retail space in San Francisco. When it came time to order the large wall prints I was at a complete loss as to how to put together a wall grouping!

I tinkered for HOURS in photoshop coming up with an arrangement that I liked, and only after seeing it laid out and emailing it to my friend for approval did I feel confident in ordering that series of canvases.

Which got me thinking.. if we as photographers can’t picture it without SEEING it in photoshop first, how can we expect our clients to have the imagination to “picture their pictures” on their own walls? And that’s how the Photographer’s Wall Displays were born!

When I’m not tinkering in Photoshop and working on new wall displays I’m usually shooting, or blogging about parenthood and photography. Or connecting with the amazing group of photographer’s that I’ve met since the wall guides came out in the Summer of 2010.

Happy Shooting!

Copyright © Ariana Falerni Design

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