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What is it?

This free layered wall mockup features one room scene (from our Romantic Simplicity Collection) with a gorgeous upscale couch and interchangeable floors, walls and lighting as well as 15 pre-designed canvas groupings, 13 canvas groupings, framed singles sizes 8×10 – 24×30 and canvas single sizes 8×10 – 30×40!

What can I use it for?

Post it to your website, Facebook page, blog, in your email newsletter or client guide or Instagram. Use it in your product guides, welcome packets, pricing menus or any other way you want!

How does this Free demo room differ from the actual Wall Guides that are purchased?

Note that this demo works the way that our newer room collections (Modern Romance and newer on this page) work with the room backgrounds separate from the floors, walls and lighting which allows you to create almost limitless possibilities from just one template!

If you purchase one of our older (yet still very popular) collections ie “Rustic Romance” and older on this page they will not have the same option to change out walls, floors etc. So please keep that in mind when you order those legacy products.

1) WALL ART: This demo contains all of the single sizes and groupings that are included with our paid rooms so you know what to expect when you purchase one of our Room sets!

2) ROOM OPTIONS: This demo contains ONE room from our “Romantic Simplicity Collection.” Most of our collections have 6-10 rooms.

3) WALL TEXTURE: This demo has only 3 wall options: plain wall, a wall with molding and vertical white planks. Our newer room sets (Starting with Modern Romance and newer) have additional wall texture options such as brick, brick & plaster, plaster etc.

3) FLOORS: This demo has 3 floor options; most rooms purchased from the site will have more.

4) LIGHTING: This demo only has two chandelier options, our newer room sets (Starting with Modern Romance and newer) will have many more lighting options (usually from 6-10.)

5) ADD ONS: You may also add on any of the amazing free add ons that are in our Facebook group files section such as Drag and Drop layers, an instant Hufnagel creator and the H&H Designer Frame add ons. Just request to join the group here:

How to use the Demo room

Please see the instructions PDF that came in your zip file download.


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