Free Hufnagel Template and Action

Free Hufnagel Action & Template
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What is it?

A Hufnagel is just a very funny word for a display of the same image in several different sizes! This free download contains the watermarked room background AND a Photoshop action (CS4+) that creates your Hufnagel automagically! No really, see for yourself:

Just run the action, browse for the image you want to use and the action does all the rest. Pretty cool right?? Create as many as you want – just revert the PSD file without saving and start again!

What can I use it for?

Post it to your website, Facebook page, blog, in your email newsletter or client guide – as long as you keep our watermark intact, you are welcome to use and share as you wish! Click here to see Ariana’s Pinterest board that shows the many creative ways that Photographer’s and other visual artists have been using the PWDGs:

What if I love it so much I want the unwatermarked version?

If you have the free download and want to use it on the unwatermarked couch, or want to use it with any of our other room backgrounds that you purchase/have purchased, simply run the action on the PSD that comes with the free download and copy the top 14 layers into your purchased room file. Because all the Photographer’s Wall Display guides rooms use the same scale everything will still be proportional. Pretty cool right?

How does this Free demo differ from the actual Wall Guides that are purchased?

Obviously, the purchased wall guides don’t have our watermark! But also, the wall guides available for purchase come with more than one background image per room, 13+ predesigned canvas groupings and 7+ predesigned framed groupings, single canvases from 8×10-30×40 and framed single image sizes from 8×10-20×30.

You can read more about the product features and see a video demo on this page here:

How to use the Template & Action:

First, open up the PSD file that came with the download (PWDG-Hufnagel-Free.psd) and then load the action as follows in the video:


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