Lightroom Presets


I am so very excited to be hard at work on a collection of Lightroom Presets!

Long before I created tools to help photographers sell their work, I blogged and taught photography and editing tips – and I miss it.  But a lot has changed since I started blogging about photography: I am now the mother of three and own and operate three separate businesses (my photography business, Photographer’s wall display Guides and Shoot & Sell!)

Now more then EVER it is so very important to me that I can edit my client and personal images quickly without sacrificing quality.

I set myself the challenge of figuring out how to edit in Lightroom only – no more opening up each image in Photoshop and running actions or hand editing!   I’m happy to say I was able to dig deep and find a way to make my Lightroom edits just as magical if not more so than my Photoshop edits.  And since I know I am not the only busy parent/entrepreneur who simply doesn’t have enough hours in the day to spend hand editing, I just knew I had to share them with others!

I am still working on the website, and hope to release Crown & Pony Lightroom Presets to the world this Fall.

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