Coming Soon: Photographer’s Wall Display Guides Plugin for Photoshop

Slated for a December release, this exciting new tool will be a complete game changer!

The plugin does everything from insert your images in one click (no more clipping masks!), rotate images in one click, resize images, create canvases in any size, create framed images in any size molding or mat color. You can even insert multiple images into a canvas grouping at one time, swap and cycle images, or fill randomly from a chosen folder.

Even more exciting is our exclusive realistic frame creator – download frame sections from your frame vendor and use them to create REAL frames in any size…

Watch the teaser video above to see some of these features in action!

This Photoshop plugin will soon be available for FREE to our customers to use in any rooms they have purchased from us in the past or will purchase from us in the future.

If you want to get your hands on this tool that will revolutionize your workflow text WALLGUIDES to (844) 261-5897 to get a message letting you know when the plugin is ready for download.

In the meantime, if you aren’t already a member go ahead and join our Facebook VIP group where the plugin will be available for download when it is released.

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