Baby Room

This room was developed in response to newborn photographers who wanted more backgrounds in addition to our popular nursery room! It has 5 different backgrounds, 4 of which are nurseries, the other is a gender neutral toddler room.

Not only does it have the typical flexibility of the Photographer’s Wall Display guides in terms of wall color changes etc, but it also has additional fun options like different rugs and even nursery bedding in the Modern Nursery background!

Choose from 14 different canvas groupings, 7 single canvas sizes, 4 framed single sizes or 11 framed groupings to display your client’s images. Or, if you want to really wow your clients and you are an Organic Bloom retailer (or want to sign up to be one) you will definitely want to consider adding on the Organic Bloom Frames Pack – these backgrounds were specifically designed with those gorgeous frames in mind!

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