The Christmas Collection


Just in time for your Santa Sessions or Holiday specials, this 5 room Christmas collection is all you need to put a little magic in your Seasonal marketing!

With 5 coordinating rooms (Hall, Fireplace, Dining Room, Light Bedroom and Dark Wood Bedroom) 4 walls, 4 floors & 12 lighting fixtures it pairs warm cozy touches like brick with the simple elegance of slip covered chairs and bows. Holiday greenery adds a festive feel throughout! The color palette is soft, warm and inviting and of course like all of my room scene templates the colors can be changed to match your own branding or your client’s home decor.

Like the Modern Romance Collection, and Modern Farmhouse Collection before it, this collection was also designed with the walls, floors and lighting on separate layers from the furniture so that you can design your room settings independently from the furniture! Please see the product tour below for more information on how this works, or play the video above to see a few of the dozens of room options you can create with this one incredibly beautiful and versatile template.

Christmas Holiday Themed Room Views Scene Mockups


Product Tour

Because of the new and unique options available in this Christmas Collection I recorded a video product tour to walk you through the new features:

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Additional Options and Bundles

Check out the Celebration Collection Bundle on our order page for Photoshop or ProSelect!

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