Mid-Century Modern Collection

Our new Mid-Century Modern Collection 10 room collection combines stylishly streamlined modern furniture with classic architectural elements like transom windows and decorative wall trim. This collection is our most flexible collection ever! It can be made to look like a sleek modern loft by using the square black trimmed windows and optional brick or concrete walls or like chic Parisian pied-a-terr by using the arched or transom windows and embellished walls. Like many of our other templates the walls, floors and lighting are separated from the rooms so that each can be combined to create almost unlimited combinations. New in this collection is the ability to turn on or off one of 5 different rugs, each in two sizes. We have even included several plants that can be activated and even moved around the room as desired.

Includes 10 rooms, 13 lighting fixtures, two stationary plants, two moveable plants, 14 different wall texture options (brick, shiplap, concrete etc) including 3 different types of windows, 8 floor options, 5 rugs (in small and large sizes), 9 different single canvas sizes (from 8×10 – 24×36, plus unlimited ability to create your own custom sizes with our easy to follow tutorial) 8 different framed single sizes, 23 canvas groupings, 13 framed groupings and more to add free in our FB group.

Filesize: The instant download is 1941×1213 pixels, plenty large for most web and marketing purposes. After purchase if you wish to have the double resolution version (3882×2426 pixels) for larger print projects please just reply to your order confirmation requesting it. The download file size is quite large so we don’t include it by default.

Mid century modern room mockups

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