Wall Display Guides

The Photographer’s Wall Display Guides are an easy to use template system that uses clipping masks and images of real room interiors to help you create stylish, on-brand wall art mockups.


You have to SHOW wall art to SELL wall art

But you already knew that right?

What you may NOT know is how to find a perfectly styled room to show your work in, or which sizes look “just right” above a couch. Or what all the common photographic print sizes are. And what if your client wants to show a GROUPING of images? Do you know which sizes and arrangement looks good together?

We know how overwhelming it can be but don’t worry – we’ve been exactly where you are and the good news is that we’ve done all the hard work for you! We’ve helped thousands of photographers and fine artists from around the world start showing their work on walls where it belongs.

Our high quality, styled-to-perfection room mockups make it fun and easy to show your images in all the common print sizes as well as beautiful well harmonized groupings.

And best of all you can do it all right in Photoshop without having to purchase additional expensive and hard to learn software! Just pop your images in using the software you already know and love and you’ll be posting your designs on Instagram seconds later.

No really! It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

1) Browse our stylish, high quality rooms –choose the one that resonates with your brand’s look and feel. We have so many to choose from you are sure to find one (or more!) that you love.

2) Download them to your computer, open in Photoshop and play! Each of our collection sets has many different print sizes to show, many different groupings, multiple rooms, multiple color change options and many even have different combinations of floors and lighting you can try out. It’s like a virtual dressing room for your wall art!

3) Save your designs as jpgs and post your gorgeous new on-brand wall art images all over your website, social media, welcome packets, product catalogues and anywhere else you can spark the idea of wall art in your customer’s mind.

Show your client the difference in impact between an 8×10 and a 30×40!

Or that a grouping of their favorite three photos are a great alternative to a single print or canvas!

Use Your Gorgeous Mockups to:

  • Post your art showcased on gorgeous walls on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on your website!
  • Create gorgeous walls mockups to add to the end of client proofing galleries (for photographers who do online sales.)
  • Mock up wall display ideas before or even during in person ordering sessions (for photographer’s who do in person sales.)
  • Use them in printed or online marketing materials such as pricing guides, welcome packets, magazines, brochures and so much more!
  • Mockup your artwork on a wall and upload it to Amazon marketplace, etsy, shopify or wherever you sell artwork to give your customers a sense of size and scale of your artwork (for fine artists)
  • Create a page or gallery on your blog or website about wall art as an example for your clients
  • Create a page on your website or blog showing the difference in impact between a small and large image size in a REAL ROOM!
  • Create a proof for your client to sign off on cropping and arrangement before placing that large order (no surprises = no reprints!)
  • Show your clients the difference that ratio can have on their images at various sizes
  • Set yourself apart from your local competition – market your new ability to offer display ideas as a “design consultation service” that only you can offer to your clients!
  • Offer an incentive or sale to your client database – great for reviving sales from past sessions during the slow winter months!
  • Generate blog and social media content showing your images on walls to plant the seed of a wall art sale for potential clients.

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