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The Photographer’s Wall Display Guides are a Photoshop template system that uses clipping masks and images of real room interiors to help you create amazing examples of wall displays for your clients! Here are just a small sampling of the many possible ways you can showcase your clients images using these templates:


Would you try to sell a canvas or an album without a studio sample?

Of course not! With such a large investment, clients need to see a product before they order it, and a large series of canvas is no exception.  We need to SHOW them, not TELL them how amazing their portraits will look on their walls and the story that their images tell when displayed together.

Using the powerful imagery of stunning, REAL room backgrounds, the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides take all of the guessing and mystery out of wall prints and canvases and makes it easy for you to create them and for your clients to order them!

Don’t Say it, Display it

I recently received a mailer with my last press order from a pro lab pushing their holiday card templates. The piece featured a photographer saying that once he showed his clients the template designs with their images in them, his sales for cards increased from 20% to 80% of clients buying the cards!

If our clients have a hard time imagining their image in a small holiday card, imagine how much harder it is to conceptualize how their photos will look in a large wall display in their homes?  How can they know unless we SHOW them that an 8×10 over their couch will be practically invisible, but 30×40 would make just the statement they are looking for?

Or that a grouping of their favorite three photos are a great alternative to a single print or canvas?

These templates make it possible to do all this and more!  Use them to:

  • Create gorgeous framed or canvas groupings to add to the end of your client proofing galleries
  • Create a page on your blog or website about canvases using your own images as an example for your clients
  • Create a page on your website or blog showing the difference in impact between an 8×10 and a 30×40 in a REAL ROOM!
  • Prepare for or during in person client ordering sessions to nail down the perfect scale and arrangement of an image grouping or even a single image
  • Create a proof for your client to sign off on cropping and arrangement before placing that large order with your print lab (no surprises = no reprints!)
  • Show your clients the difference that ratio can have on their images at various sizes
  • Set yourself apart from your local competition – market your new ability to offer display ideas as a “design consultation service” that only you can offer to your clients!
  • Offer a canvas sale to your client database when your canvas vendor runs a discounts – great for reviving sales from past sessions during the slow winter months!

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