Room Visualization for Fine Artists

Though the Photographer’s Wall Display guides were originally developed for portrait photographers, it quickly became evident that these visualization tools are just as powerful for fine artists looking for a way to to show what their art would look like in various room views. Fine artists (and even galleries!) from around the world have used our room views to enhance everything from their Etsy storefronts to their own websites and printed brochures and other marketing materials. Helping potential clients visualize what a piece of art would look like on a wall is an important merchandising tool to increase wall art sales for all artist.

Below are a few stunning examples of Fine Artists displaying their work in our “virtual” rooms. These were curated from the advanced AWAKE Group, an extension of the Photoshop Artistry course with Sebastian Michaels. To learn more about Sebastian’s courses, please visit

Artist: Athol Phillips


Artist: JoAnn Wilmot


Artist: Dale Botha

Artist: Dale Botha

Artist: Viki Murray


These beautiful room views were created with the Couch Template and the Rustic Romance Collection.

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