H&H Designer Frames

Since I released my very first set of rooms I have been searching for framed collections from a pro lab with the look and quality I could endorse by including them in the templates. That’s why I was so excited when H&H Color Lab agreed to partner with me to design these beautiful single frames and framed collections that you can now show in your Photographer’s Wall Display Guides rooms and order right from H&H!

Designed with modern elegance in mind, this collection features wide mats and extra thin moldings in a variety of beautiful styles. These are JUST the types of frames I have always wish existed, and I’m so excited to share them with you all!

Close up of the Brighton frame style

You can order single frames, or choose from several pre-designed framed groupings that even come from H&H complete with a hanging guide! Here are the layouts available:

There are even a few options of mat widths in the single frames, all of which you are able to show in your PWDG rooms, along with all of the groupings of course. In order to install the H&H Designer frames into any rooms you own from our site, please watch this tutorial video:

To download the files referenced in the video, please join the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides Facebook group and head to the files section. The two files you need are:

PWDG-H+H-Designer-Frames.asl and

I hope you are as excited about these gorgeous new frames as I am!

PS: If you are not yet an H&H customer, head on over to their website and click on the “become a customer” link to get your account started!

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