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Organic Bloom Frames

At long last, we are incredibly excited to be offering an Organic Bloom Frames Pack for the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides! Click below to watch a little video intro about our latest product.

As if you didn’t already know, Organic Bloom is the premier company creating beautiful, whimsical frames sold exclusively to approved photographers**.  This frame pack has probably been our most frequently requested product and we’ve been working together for almost a year to bring you what we hope you will agree is a match made in heaven: Organic Bloom frames and the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides!

The frame pack can be installed into ANY wall guide room, and it’s loaded with features:

Although the Organic Bloom frames look STUNNING in all of the wall guide rooms, we did create a special new “Kid’s Pack” { Girl’s Room, Boy’s Room, Baby Room, Playroom } to coincide with the release of the Organic Bloom frames pack that can be purchased separately or as a bundle with the Organic Bloom frames.

**Please make sure that you have applied and been accepted as an Organic Bloom vendor prior to purchasing!

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