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Product Tour

Please watch this “behind the scenes” product tour to get the best idea of how the product works, or see below for a list of product features:

Product Features

  • Valuable discounts included in the product download (including 50% off a gallery wrapped canvas)
  • Plugin available for Lightroom users that adds an amazing drag and drop functionality
  • Dozens of different room settings to choose from using beautiful, stylish home interiors – no imagination needed!
  • Single canvases from 8×10-30×40, framed single prints from 8×10-20×30
  • 13+ Canvas and 7+ framed groupings
  • Now available with Organic Bloom Frames!
  • Easy to customize –create your own custom sizes and groupings in just seconds!
  • Easy to use clipping mask functionality – works just like holiday card and album templates.
  • Many of the canvas groupings used are available at a discount from print labs and canvas vendors, pocket the savings or pass it on to your clients as incentive
  • Images sizes are from 1300 pixels to 1500 pixels wide (at 72 dpi) allowing for room to crop closer in if desired before resizing for your typical gallery image or blog image size
  • Most room templates have more than one background option, i.e the couch template has 4 couches to choose from!
  • Most backgrounds also have a hue/sat adjustment layer to change wall, furniture or floor color with a click – match the images, your branding or even your client’s decor!
  • The color and width of the “conventional” frames can be changed by simply clicking on the stroke effect on the mat & frame layer.
  • “Turn up the lights” layer that will brighten the whole background with one click
  • Each image within a group is clearly notated using a easy number system for quick identification. Simply toggle off the number “guide” layer once you are finished placing your images.
  • Each guide is scaled to the same ratio, so if you customize or create new groupings or sizes they will work in ALL your rooms.

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