PWDG has dramatically changed how I share client images at ordering sessions. I used to spend hours placing images in Photoshop into tiny frames on walls, only to find myself frustrated by their limitations and the time wasted. These wall guides are easy to install, simple to use and have boosted my sales immensely. Every client I have shown a sample wall gallery, they have purchased it; I believe because they can see the vision I have on their very own walls.

—Sarah Lough

Sarah Lough Photography

These rooms are beautiful and elegant. They help me convey a luxury product and fit very well with my branding. Thank you!

—Darian Rundall

Darian Rundall Photography

When I was offering canvas collections to my clients without Ariana's wall display guides, I was leaving so much money on the table. Clients need to be able to visualize stunning canvas collection options before they're willing to invest in them and Ariana's wall display guides allow them to do that in a way that is unmatched in style, decor, and ambience. Each wall display collection is so well put together and so professionally designed that they create a gorgeous showcase for each collection I offer and are a great way to increase the perceived value.

—Amanda Holloway

Amanda Holloway Photography

I love what ProofShare and Shoot and Sell has done for my business. Both apps are so easy to work with and the displays are beautiful!  I primarily do online sales but with  Shoot & Sell  it’s like I’m almost there in my clients’ homes helping them to design wall displays. With just a simple photo of their wall I’m able to show my clients what various canvas sizes and grouping will look like in their homes. It 100% paid for itself after the very first use when my client chose the largest of the canvases sizes I showed her - Thank you, Ariana!

—Christine Fitzpatrick

Half-Pint Photography

I've used Ariana's templates very successfully to showcase my landscape photography to prospective buyers. Before I found Ariana's work I would physically carry large, heavy framed prints to staging locations, which was an inconvenient hassle. It also risked damage to the pictures and walls. I went about it assuming this was a cost of doing business and didn't think another solution was possible. Ariana's templates changed all that. They are so high quality, flexible and realistic that I purchased a couple sets without even thinking about the implementation details. Needless to say, I made back the small cost many times over with my first sale that used them. Ariana's templates showcase my work in an upscale, meticulous environment that would be extremely hard to recreate in real life.  For the price she's charging, you're not buying a template - you're buying a house.  One that can be infinitely customized and decorated at your will with a few clicks.  I highly recommend Ariana's work and commend her creativity!

—Mel Ashar

Mel Ashar Landscape Photography

I put together two different options for my client and she purchased both!  I made a $2000 sale... online that might have been a $300 sale... maybe not even that! Thanks so much Ariana, I can honestly say that purchasing your guides was the best business decision I have made yet. I don't need to do 6 sessions a week, I can do 2 and make the same kind of money... oh yeah, and spend more of my {precious} time with my kids that are growing up way to fast.

—Amy Cyphers

Amy Cyphers Photography & Design

The day after buying the Organic Bloom wall guides I had a fantastic ordering session that resulted in the largest sale I have yet to ever have.  My client was thrilled to see exactly what her artwork would look like on her walls and I was thrilled to be able to deliver her such a complete proposal!

—Heather Golde

Heather Golde Photography

Since implementing Ariana's visual wall groupings into each of my studio sales presentations, my canvas orders have gone through the roof!  Showing clients a virtual copy of their unique design  gets them so excited about their final purchases.  It has changed their perception of the process from a sales meeting into a design consultation.  It makes 4 digit sales very possible and much less intimidating for the clients.  Thank you for this wonderful gift, Ariana!

—Julie Staley

In His Image by Julie

I recently began using the Photographer's Wall Display Guides in my ordering sessions and I immediately sold 10 displays. It is must have for your ordering sessions!  If you are on the fence - come over to the other side - they will ROCK your world!!!

—Amanda Layne Photography

Amanda Layne Photography

I just wanted to say that I purchased your templates June 26th (less than two weeks ago) and my first set of canvas gallery wraps are shipping as we speak! It was so exciting to see that order in my inbox just a week after I bought your templates. I feel so blessed to offer this service to families as they try to decide how to display their images!

—Erin L. Vande Zande

Purple Tree Studios

Since I've started using PWDG, I've been able to "throw a few coordinating prints up on a wall" for a potential buyer to see and decide if they like what they've selected. My buyers have been so impressed that they'll usually buy more than just the one or two prints they originally intended and I've already earned back what I paid for the PWDG and then some. Thank you so much for your awesome creations!!!

—Tracey Capone

Tracey Capone Photography

I've purchased other wall display guides in the past, and was never really that impressed by them. I brought them with me for ordering sessions but rarely pulled them out due to how embarrassed I was at their cheese factor! Once I purchased... the PWDG templates I was so excited about them that I created examples into the wee hours of the night! Ordering sessions are a breeze now and I have tripled... YES tripled my print sales and it's because of this amazing product! Thank you for an amazing product!

—Stacy McPeek-Smith

McPeek Smith Photography

Since using PWDG my print sales have doubled! It is so nice to be able to put a collection together and email it over to my client for imediate viewing. Ordering time is cut in half because the client is able to see their vision put on a wall. Thank you for this amazing product. Heather Rontti Altered Images Photography

—Heather Rontti

Altered Images Photography

Your guides are such a tremendous help to me and I absolutely love them!! I've had so many bigger sales since I started using them it's unbelievable.

—Kristy Mannix

Kristy Mannix Photography

I can't tell you how much I love your product!!!! I've already up sold a gallery wrap with the first mock up I put together... you guys rock!!!  They are also a great attention getter on the FB business page!

—Erin Zink

Erin Zink Photography

We were in business for one year before buying your templates and could not get our clients to order larger than an 8 X 10!  Now, once we edit a gallery, we always take three different template sizes or groupings to show with each newborn gallery.   Our first order after using your templates was $1000.00! Now two more have been large enough to qualify for their free CD, which is 650.00! So exciting, and we are so grateful for you wonderful idea! We would love to order more!


A & A Newborn Photography

I had seen your website for a few months now, but was skeptical in purchasing as I assumed it was difficult to use or wouldn't really help.  Up until now, when showing my canvas prints to my clients in the studio, they always seem to love them and promise to order at least one from their online gallery.  But after a full year of business (and it's been a good year!), I had rarely sold any canvas prints. So, I took the plunge and bought all your displays last week so I could use them for my marathon of two days fully booked with clients.  I added three different canvas sets to each client's proofing gallery and out of the 8 client, all clients ordered at least one set - I had two clients who ordered three sets! Thank you for making this a great experience!

—Tess Sami

Tasneem Photography

These are the most amazing templates! I use them in galleries as suggestions, I use them in emails for persuasion to upsize, I use them when I'm having canvas sales.... Just incredible and so customizable! Thank you for creating these!

—Catherine Halsey

Catherine Halsey Photography

Although I love being an on-location photographer, not having a studio affects my ability to display the large prints and canvases that I want my clients to experience. The Photographer's Wall Display Guides not only allow me to show my clients how to creatively and beautifully display large prints, canvases and collections throughout any house, it also allows me to personalize the example with my own client's images. Now that I can give my clients a vision of what their own walls could look like, it excites them enough to make a purchase they might have not considered otherwise! The small investment for this product is worth every penny, I strongly believe it alone has increased my sales in wall prints and canvases! Thank you for such a unique, easy, personal and profitable product.

—Christy Martin

Christy Martin Photography

“Your displays have changed my life and increased my sales thank you so much!”

—Diana Leventhal

K9 Photography

“I included a wall display in two galleries last week (still online till year end) and one is buying the layout (slightly modified and coming IN to finalize sizes)…IT WORKS!! …Just spoke to the other customer that I’ve used the wall templates for since I bought them 2 weeks ago and Ta-Dah….they’re buying it too! Wish I’d bought these months ago!”

—Kelly Valentine Johnsen

Illustrations Photography

“I just wanted to thank you for putting out this type of product! I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to purchase the product because I have spent so much on trying to get my photography business up and running and I didn’t know if now was the time to invest in yet another product. I actually had a client sales meeting the day I purchased the templates and I quickly put some image collages together to show them (literally minutes before I ran out the door) and I’m so glad I did. My clients ended up purchasing what I showed them (4-10×10 canvas prints on the fireplace background) simply because they could visualize how their own images would look on a wall. They didn’t even pick different images, they just went with what I had put together! Since I meet with clients at a mutual location or in their homes, it’s not convenient to drag around various size prints. So your template product was perfect and in it’s first use it paid for itself and then some!! I’m very excited to continue using these templates to see how it increases my bottom line sales and I hope you continue to come out with new templates as well!”

—Amanda Osorio

Photography by Amanda

“I recently started looking for Wall Display Guides that I could present to clients to help them visualize how their art will really look on their walls. I asked around and was directed to several great sites and after comparing several different guides I settled on your Wall Display Guides. I am thrilled! They are so simple and easy to use. They are classy and beautiful – Everything I love!   Thank you for putting together such a useful tool.”

—Keri Meyers

Keri Meyers Photography

I just want to thank you for creating such a genius product! Since the purchase of these wall guides, I have increased my sales more than DOUBLE on almost every single client! I show approx 5-7 different setups for each session. I also show the client the comparison of what an 11×14 vs. a 20×30 would look like on their wall. After seeing how small the 11×14 will look above their fireplace, they always upgrade! I used to struggle with explaining to the client what their images would look like in a collage. With this product, they get a great visual which is perfect for overcoming the, "I don’t know where I would put these on my wall"  type of comments. For anyone looking to increase your sales, purchase these! You will get your money back with the first client! Thanks again for putting so much money in my pocket!


Photography by Jacqueline

I have had the Wall Display Guides for a little over a week and in just one session I sold 9 canvases!! Which selling one or 2 is normal without the guides, but having them made all the difference in the customer actually seeing what it would look like on a wall. Being a photographer, it is easy for us to have a visual ...memory of what something will look like, but for most of our customers they don't see it the same way. Spending $150-200 on these guides will yield you your money back multiple times within the first viewing with your clients. Being in photography for 8 years I can honestly count on one hand the few things that were worth their weight in gold and this is one of them!

—Aaron Thomason

Arc Studios

Your product is exactly what I have been searching for. Thank you and thank you from my clients!

—Ardelle Neubert

LifeFlicks Photography

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