Rockwood Hall, Sleepy Hollow NY
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Rockwood Hall, Sleepy Hollow NY

Rockwood hall is my favorite place to shoot outdoors! With a giant lawn and majestic views of the Hudson it has amazing fall foliage but is equally gorgeous year round.  We will meet 1.5 hours prior to sunset, then just after the sun dips behind the hills we can shoot a gorgeous silhouette before we finish.


Follow your GPS to Phelps Memorial Hospital:

After you turn left onto Phelps lane, continue around the hospital loop to the right and follow the signs for the “North Garage.”  You will pass the hospital on your left, then you will see a large multilevel parking garage (the North Garage) on your left just before the road ends at Phelps way.

Make a left onto Phelps Way and you will see a small parking lot immediately on your left. This is the lot for Rockwood hall.  If this small lot is full, turn around and park in the Phelps multilevel garage that you just passed.

When you arrive, text me at 646-246-4216 to let me know and we will walk up the hill together to the park.



For children under 3 I find it useful to bring a stroller for the intial walk up the hill.  During the shoot it becomes a good mobile place to store any extra clothes, accessories or props when we aren’t shooting with them!

Some Images Shot at Rockwood Hall: